Prof. Michael Götte
Bernahard Sacha

Amalia Gutmann
Vanessa Grass
Milena Mandausch 

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
quick music doodles & sex
In the field of audiovisual design, we were presented with the task of visualizing a piece of music. For this task, a music sequence had to be visually implemented on the basis of systematic applications of design-method strategies. The consistency and interaction of the individual elements were supposed to be emphasized. To do so, the character properties of the individual instruments of the musical piece were examined in terms of hierarchy, effect and association, and then visually implemented. This was combined to create a coherent overall scene to illustrate the music sequence ideally.
We decided on the 47 seconds long opening sequence of the piece “Quick Music Doodles & Sex” by artist Two Feet. The task required a purely instrumental piece composed of expressive clear instruments. The spatial effect of the piece gave us the impetus for the three-dimensional implementation in space. The individual instruments occupy different positions, which were given by the respective intensity and relevance in the piece. The protagonist moves through space in the form of a cube.
This interacts with the instruments that come out of the wall, fall down, or light up. The walls are only partially static and often become an instrument by leaving their initial position. In addition, the element’s zoom and camera travel are used to support movements. Due to the change of mood during the song, the sequence was divided into two parts, which change from dark to light to illustrate this. This break exemplifies the short-term closure and subsequent opening of the room from below.

Working with a 3D construction turned out to be challenging and demanding. Howere, thanks to good teamwork, a well-regulated workflow and in-depth prior analysis, it was possible to create a way of working in which each member of the team could do an equal amount of work. All in all, this led to a strong end result.
To support the video sequence, posters were created representing the two parts of the piece, but only by capturing the noise. As illustrated by the dynamic movement of the wall section, the posters should make you curious about the rest of the visualization.​​​​​​​
the final product

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