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Health Organisation
How can design provide an overview of health and preventive care, as well as an impetus to pay attention to preventive care at a young age?

In our research through interviews, inquiry, and self-reflection, we found that the following problems prevent them from getting people to preventive care at 18:

➔ no fixed place
➔ no reminder
➔ no order
➔ no tolerance
➔ no familiarity
➔ no clarification

Our solution
Our solution includes overview through vaccination and screening booklets, a health folder to avoid chaos, and a campaign that, among other things, publicizes the new system and reminds people to take preventive measures. In addition to analog reminders, the system is incorporated into a digital calendar system.

Redesign of vaccination booklet
The vaccination booklet shines in new splendor.
Reinforced cover material gives it a new value. The cover is now more reduced and the WHO logo is embossed, just like on the preventive medicine booklet. Similar to the passport, the page with the personal data is now reinforced and foiled, ensuring greater durability and less wear and tear. On the yellow areas, a guilloche pattern provides more counterfeit protection.

Unlike the original, the pages are now mainly white, making them easier to read. Instead of marking a completed vaccination with a cross, a yellow sticker is now placed to complete the yellow areas. In addition, the doctor has enough space to place the stickers of the respective vaccination. The yellow areas at the top bring modernity and at the same time durability and timelessness to the inside pages.​​​​​​​
Precautionary booklet
The preventive care booklet is based on the original vaccination certificate. The necessary preventive health care by the various doctors are listed on an annual basis and are waiting to be completed. The user or the doctor can record every preventive check-up carried out by means of the associated stickers. The stickers are marked with quarter and year. The examinations that do not apply can be covered with placeholder stickers, so that the pages can still be filled and no unintentional gaps occur.

Instead of receiving a different looking form and invoices from each practice, only color-coded forms may be used. Users can then file these in a health folder in the pre-made, appropriate tabs. This avoids chaos and all documents can be identified at first glance as to which area they belong.​​​​​​​
Instead of a new app, appointments and reminders for preventive care and vaccination appointments are added to the calendar. This allows users to stay on top of updates and either make a doctor's appointment right away or be reminded again.

Various poster series to publicize the new system are supported by a campaign. This builds tension by using an abstract form, as with the icons.

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