Campaign Design

Policeman = Human
In the first semester, we had the opportunity to solve a problem of any kind in the course “Introduction to the Foundations of Design. ” After some initial research, I decided to tackle a social problem: The potential violence against police officers. A campaign should draw attention to the violent and disrespectful rebellion against the police, and make it clear that behind the uniform there is a human being who is suffering not only physically, but also mentally. 
The three posters contain information based on statements from several interviews with various federal police officers. In order to pick up the viewer while watching the campaign, a police chief of the Federal Police was photographed. This works to build a relationship with the viewer and the seriousness of the subject, since the pictures transport a personal level.
The face has been made unrecognizable by my public portfolio for the protection of the officer due to its presence on the Internet - the original photographs are uncensored.
the final campaign

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